Infoconsult GmbH 


INFOCONSULT Business Consultants was founded on May 1st, 1987 by Edwin Ferger and Diplom-Volkswirt Michael Wenz-Peters. Since August 8th, 1988 Infoconsult signs as GmbH (Private Limited Company).

For more than 25 years, INFOCONSULT has acquired several qualified colleagues: We are proud to have on our pay-roll, experts for technical engineering, chemistry, tax matters, law, data bank research, data analysis, market research and intercultural management.

INFOCONSULT's objective is to provide information on a scientific basis. By "Consulting" is understood the application of valid, reliable data in reply to the questions posed by our customers.

INFOCONSULT specialises in offering their consulting services to companies seeking partners in Japan and Korea, as well as in Eastern Europe, especially in Bulgaria. Particular value is set on the personal experiences and knowledge gathered by our team , which has been corresponding with the Far East and Eastern Europe for more than 25 years, and has been able to carefully observe the mentality and business practices in these countries. Our ordinary consulting services are thus based on a combination of reflective practice and scientific analysis.

For the benefit of INFOCONSULT's clients we operate within a network of confidential co-operation between our long-standing partners in Tokyo, Seoul, and Sofia as well as in numerous European countries. This enables small and medium sized, European industries to successfully participate in official tenders from the Far East and Eastern Europe.

INFOCONSULT could assist to install new production lines in East Asia, whenever the current domestic range of products seeks completion. Our clients would be supported by an all inclusive service packet in all fields of activity in the Far East and Eastern Europe, i.e. market development, co-operation, setting up agencies, branches and/or joint ventures in the most suitable locations.