Infoconsult GmbH 

Corporate Branch "Scientific Documentation"
Profile of Activity and Range of Services

Content-based preparation of and providing access to scientific literature for documentation and information retrieval in databases.

Since 1987, we have been committed to gathering and preparing scientific literature for database storage and documentation purposes. With the help of our interdisciplinary research team, we cover the following subject fields:

All steps necessary for thematic preparation and indexing of the literature are performed in accordance with our customers' standards as well as their rules and regulations, classification schemes, and thesauri.

Depending upon our clients' requests, these include:

Short Summaries

We offer well-written, detailed abstracts that are phrased in clear comprehensible language, specific in subject content, and objective in that they reflect the essential substance and the methodical design of the original article.

Indexing and Classifications

  1. Thematic indexing for information retrieval using set lists of controlled terms or thesauri
  2. Subject-based classification of contents using set classification schemes
  3. Coding of time period/era and geographical region that the particular research refers to
  4. Assigning keywords to mark the methodical design of empirical studies

Data Preparation

We will prepare author's abstracts in German, English and French.


We will translate English as well as French titles and author's abstracts to German.

Quality Control

To assure the quality of thematic data preparation, the documents ready for database storage are checked against both the clients' respective rules and requested data processing formats before delivery to our customers.

All of our documents are subject to such formal and content-based check-ups. Most importantly, emphasis is put on the requirement that there be a uniform standard applied to all documents with respect to the depth of data preparation and that abstract, keywords and classifications of each document be consistent.

This constant quality control is performed by qualified and experienced specialized scientists in addition to initial data preparation.

As the experiences of the past years have shown, these quality controls, together with our competent team of staff members, have produced and secured an extraordinarily high standard in our literature documentation. Matching data preparation with the search strategies in our clients' respective databases is guaranteed via close cooperation and frequent dialogs with our customers.